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Why your restaurant should have Table Trivia


Why your business should advertise in Table Trivia.


What file types do we use and how can you get the files to us when you advertise in Table Trivia.



Featured Articles:
150 word article about your business, to be featured at least one (1) month out of the 12 month run of the publication.

E-Mail it to us in a text document, e-mail document, or in a MS Word or WordPerfect document.



We are proud to offer a new service to streamline your ad and article preparation. Now instead of the time involved in mailing, you can complete an electronic file transfer via e-mail to us. Our file transfer tool accepts all standard file types, even zips. Just attach your files to an e-mail message that states your company name and the city that the Table Trivia publications will appear in.

Some ISP (Internet Service Providers) do not allow the sending of large files (1 meg. or larger) as attachments to an e-mail. If your files are over 1 megabyte, please try placing the file/s into a ZIP file. If they are still too large for what your ISP allows, contact us and we will help you log onto a site that will upload a file to us. Or you can mail us a zip disk or a CD.

Software Supported:

Adobe Photoshop
MS Word

Picture formats:

Warning: MS Publisher files often cause problems between different versions!! If you must send .pub files, could you output them to a MS Word document first. This will allow us to get your graphics and text.

AD SIZE: The standard ad size is 3"X2.5" (business card size). At times, dependent on layout, these sizes may vary. We will adjust the size of any supplied ad copy proportionally.


If we have not answered your questions here, feel free to contact us! We are happy to work with you.


To contact the production department directly:

DASH Inc., Table Trivia Production
Production Voice: 360-263-4118
Production Fax: 360-263-5910
Web Site:
Sales: 1-888-302-1919

Ad and Article Proofs can be sent to you by e-mail. The format used for your proof is Adobe Acrobat, and can be viewed with the Acrobat Reader®, a FREE add-on.

If you do not have Acrobat Reader®, you can follow the link below.

FONTS: If in your ad copy or article you wish to have a particular font, please list the name, and/or send us the font.

To get the best quality for the Table Trivia publication we use Abobe Postscript fonts, so if you supply a non-Adobe Postscript font or a TrueType font, the conversion might be a little different.

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production fax: 360-882-5109

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